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Royal Blue Makeup Looks: Elevate Your Beauty Game

Hey there, beauty lovers! Have you ever caught yourself gazing at the deep blue sky or getting lost in the beauty of the ocean’s waves? That’s the magic of royal blue. And guess what? This stunning shade is making waves in the makeup world, too.

When I first laid my hands on a royal blue eyeshadow, I was hooked. It’s bold, it’s versatile, and it can make those eyes pop like no other! In today’s post, we’re diving deep into the world of royal blue makeup. From that sassy date night look to casual day vibes, we’ve got a shade of blue for every mood. Let’s get started and bring out the inner makeup artist in you with a splash of royal blue!

Essential Products for Creating a Royal Blue Look

Okay, let’s talk products! Before we get all Picasso with our eyelids, it’s essential to have the right tools and products. But fear not, whether you’re a high-end makeup junkie or a drugstore diva, there’s something in the royal blue palette for everyone.

  1. Eyeshadows: The heart of our royal blue adventure. Matte, shimmer, or glitter, there’s a texture waiting to glide onto your lids. Some of my faves? I’ll drop some names as we go along.
  2. Eyeliners: A sharp royal blue line or a smudged, sultry look? Eyeliners are your best bet to add definition and drama.
  3. Mascaras: Now, I’m a black mascara kind of gal, but for the daring, there are blue-toned mascaras that add an unexpected twist.
  4. Lip Colors: While our eyes are going to do most of the talking, don’t underestimate the power of a complementary lip shade. Whether you go nude, bold, or somewhere in between, I’ve got some pairings that will make your lips just as unforgettable.

So, now that we’ve got our beauty arsenal ready, let’s roll up those sleeves (or should I say, flutter those lashes?) and get into the fun part – creating magic with royal blue!

Royal Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

We’ve all seen the classic smokey eye, but let’s add a twist, shall we? Introducing the royal blue smokey eye – the perfect blend of drama and sophistication. This look screams confidence and style. It’s sultry, it’s captivating, and oh boy, will it turn heads!

Steps to Achieve the Perfect Royal Blue Smokey Eye

Before we plunge into the deep end of this oceanic hue, let’s talk basics. Every stunning look starts with a solid foundation of knowledge.

  1. Choosing the right shade: Not all blues are made equal! From navy to cerulean, there’s a spectrum of royal blues. Depending on your skin tone and the drama level you’re aiming for, I’ll guide you through selecting the best fit.
  2. Blending techniques: It’s not just about the color, it’s about how you work it! A well-blended eyeshadow is the key to a smokey eye that’s smoldering, not smudgy.
  3. Accentuating with darker or lighter shades: Give depth and dimension to your lids by understanding how to play with shades. We’ll mix and match, lighten and deepen, and ensure those eyes are 3D and popping!
  4. Pairing it with the right lip and cheek color: Balance, darlings! While the eyes are our showstopper, let’s not neglect the supporting cast. We’ll explore lip and cheek combos that harmonize with our bluesy lids.

Expert Tips for a Long-Lasting Smokey Eye

Ever spent ages on a look, only to find it creasing or smudging an hour later? Heartbreaking, right? Well, we’re going to bulletproof that royal blue smokey eye.

Primer choices: Think of this as the glue that holds the masterpiece together. From budget-friendly options to luxury splurges, I’ll share my top picks to lay the groundwork.

Setting the look: It’s like putting a protective bubble around your art. Whether it’s setting sprays or powders, we’ll lock in that look to last from dawn to dusk (or dusk to dawn for the party animals out there).

Best tools to use: Brushes make a world of difference. We’ll look at the essential tools to carve, blend, and define your smokey eye to perfection.

Stay with me, gorgeous souls, as we dive deeper and paint our canvas with the magic of royal blue!

Silver and Blue Makeup Combinations

Ready for some razzle-dazzle? When you pair the profound depth of royal blue with the luminous shimmer of silver, you’re basically beckoning the stars down to your eyes. This combo can range from subtle to full-on cosmic, and I’m here to guide you through the galaxy of options.

Why Silver Pairs Perfectly with Royal Blue

Silver and royal blue? Think of it as the moonlight meeting the midnight sea.

  • Contrast & Pop: Silver highlights the depths of royal blue, making both colors stand out vibrantly.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re going for an icy winter look or a cosmic star-studded vibe, this combo has got you covered.

Application Techniques

Achieving the perfect synergy between silver and blue requires technique. Let’s break it down:

Silver as a base: Start with a silver base to create a canvas that makes the royal blue pop.

  • Highlighting with silver: Add a touch of silver to the inner corners of your eyes or under the brow bone for an instant lift and sparkle.
  • Using silver for the inner corner: Light up those eyes! A dab of silver in the inner corners can make all the difference, giving you that wide-eyed, ethereal effect.

Pairing it all together: How you blend is the secret sauce. Soft transitions or bold delineations, I’ll walk you through the steps for both.

From Casual Days to Starry Nights

With silver and blue, your look can be as laid-back or as glamorous as you want it to be.

  • Daytime shimmer: A hint of silver and a wash of blue can be your go-to for a fun day out.
  • Evening glam: Amp it up! Layer, blend, and shine for an evening where your eyes are in the limelight.

Alright, beauty aficionados, by now you’re armed with the knowledge to dazzle both day and night. Let’s shimmer on and explore more ways to celebrate the beauty of royal blue!

Dressing Up with Royal Blue Makeup Looks

Stepping out in style with a touch of blue on your lids? Now that’s a fashion statement I can get behind! Whether it’s a brunch date or a ballroom gala, tailoring your makeup to your outfit elevates the whole ensemble. Let’s dive into how to coordinate our royal blue makeup with some popular outfit choices.

Blue Dress Makeup Looks

Donning a blue dress? Your makeup can either be the cherry on top or the secret spice that elevates the whole look.

  • Matching vs. contrasting: While a matching royal blue eye can be all sorts of dramatic and gorgeous, contrasting shades can be just as stunning. Think muted golds or warm peaches to provide a balance.
  • Tips to enhance the look of your blue dress:
  • Highlight: A bit of highlighter on the collarbones and shoulders can unify the glow from your face to your outfit.
  • Lip Choices: Neutral lips can let the eyes and dress be the stars, but don’t shy away from a bold red or plum for added drama.

Masquerade Makeup Looks with Royal Blue

Ah, masquerades! Where makeup and masks combine to create the ultimate allure. With the right touches, you’ll be the belle of the ball, mysterious and mesmerizing.

  • Adding a touch of mystery: Smokey eyes, deepened with royal blue, create an air of intrigue. Layer it with blacks or deep purples for that enigmatic gaze.
  • Glitter, rhinestones, and other embellishments:
    • Starry-eyed: A sprinkle of glitter on the lids or along the lash line? Yes, please!
    • Rhinestone magic: The strategic placement of tiny gems can elevate your look from elegant to ethereal in seconds.
  • The importance of dramatic lashes: Fluttery, long lashes intensify the masquerade charm. Whether you’re a fan of mascara layers or falsies, ensure your lashes demand the attention they deserve.

Ready to captivate and charm? With royal blue in your makeup arsenal, and these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’re set to steal the spotlight, no matter the occasion! Onward, my stylish mavens, to more blue-hued adventures!

Diverse Color Combinations with Royal Blue

Dive deeper into the color palette, and you’ll discover how royal blue dances gracefully with a myriad of shades. The right balance of clashing colors may evoke emotions, create atmospheres, and tell stories. Let’s discover the exciting color combinations that royal blue can make.

Blue and Purple Makeup Fusion

A match made in color heaven! The cool tranquility of blue intertwined with the mystical aura of purple promises a look that’s both ethereal and electrifying.

  • Blending techniques: Layering is key! Start with a softer purple as a base and blend in the royal blue from the outer corners, ensuring a seamless transition. For a daring twist, reverse the colors.
  • Choosing shades that complement: Opt for lavender or lilac for a softer look. Deep plum or violet can provide a dramatic contrast to the boldness of royal blue, making your eyes the canvas of a twilight sky.

Pink and Blue Makeup – A Romantic Twist

Pink and blue? Think sunsets and horizons, where the warm meets the cool, creating a canvas of romance and allure.

  • Soft pink or bold fuchsia? For daytime charm, soft pinks paired with royal blue can be dreamy. As night falls, let fuchsia take the lead with royal blue accents for a look that’s bold yet balanced.
  • Balancing both colors in your look: Remember, it’s a dance, not a duel! Integrate both shades on the lid or use one as the main color and the other as an eyeliner or lower lash accent. Harmonize with a soft pink blush and a neutral lip.

The Drama of Blue and Black Eyeshadow

Unleash the depths of the ocean and the mysteries of the night by coupling royal blue with black.

  • Deepening the outer V: For eyes that captivate, use black on the outer corners (the V) and blend into royal blue towards the center. This adds depth and drama.
  • When to use a black base: A black eyeshadow base can intensify the royal blue, making it pop with greater intensity. Perfect for an evening look or when you want your eyes to be the undeniable focal point.

With royal blue as your anchor, the possibilities are endless. Each color combination tells a unique story. So, what tale will you tell with your makeup today?

Special Occasion Royal Blue Makeup Themes

The color royal blue may take you to fantastical places and times with just a little bit of imagination. This color is adaptive, versatile, and indisputably magnetic, making it perfect for everything from spooky Halloween parties to formal evening galas.

Blue Halloween Makeup Inspiration

October’s here and it’s time to dive into the world of fantasy and make-believe. Let royal blue be your guiding star in this journey of transformation.

Ethereal Fairy:

  • Eyes: Use shimmering royal blue across the eyelids, blending outwards into a soft silver, mimicking the twilight sky.
  • Accents: Glitter freckles scattered across the cheeks and a touch of holographic highlight on the high points of the face can elevate this look.
  • Lips: A soft, glossy lavender can be the perfect finishing touch.

Icy Queen:

  • Eyes: Start with a frosty silver base and gradually blend in deep royal blue from the outer corners, capturing the essence of winter nights.
  • Accents: Ice crystal designs near the eye or temple region, using sequins or face-safe gems, can lend authenticity to this chilly monarch look.
  • Lips: Opt for a metallic silver or muted blue shade to complete this chilly regal appearance.

Mystical Creature Looks:

  • Mermaid: Think of the deep ocean. Layer shades of teal, royal blue, and purple, and accentuate with scale patterns using a net stencil.
  • Moon Goddess: Use royal blue as a base, adding crescent moon and star patterns with silver or white eyeliner.
  • Galactic Alien: A royal blue and black smokey eye, combined with holographic highlighters and galactic designs, can create a look that’s truly out of this world.

The versatility of royal blue proves that with a little inspiration and a lot of imagination, you can become any character you dream up! What’s your Halloween persona going to be this year?

To Wrap It Up

Makeup in a royal blue hue is not just a passing fad; it’s a classic expression of sophistication, playfulness, and originality. You can go anywhere with this color, from the amazing to the mundane; it’s quite versatile. Make use of it, play around with it, and let your cosmetics reveal your personality. I raise a glass to the stunning styles you’ll develop.


What makeup to wear with a royal blue dress?

Opt for gold or bronze eyeshadow, neutral lips, and a soft peach blush. Highlight cheekbones and add black or navy eyeliner for a refined touch.

What makeup goes well with blue?

Complement blue with warm terracotta shades, muted pinks, or soft golds. A coral lip and gentle bronzer can balance the coolness of blue beautifully.

What color is best for blue eyes?

Copper, bronze, and warm earthy tones amplify blue eyes. Peach, rose, and taupe shadows also enhance their natural hue, creating captivating contrast.

What eyeshadow suits grey eyes?

Smokey shades like charcoal, plum, and deep green accentuate grey eyes. Soft pinks or silvery hues can illuminate and emphasize their unique undertones.