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Mouth Corner Dimples: Beauty’s Enigmatic Smile Feature

Good day to all the dimple enthusiasts out there! If you’ve ever caught yourself adoringly observing someone’s captivating smile, there’s a chance that what captured your attention were those tiny indentations known as mouth corner dimples. These intriguing features can turn a simple smile into something truly mesmerizing.

You might recall iconic celebrities like Brad Pitt or Sandra Bullock who have showcased these endearing dimples on the big screen. Or maybe you’ve seen them while scrolling through your Instagram feed, stopping to wonder if these dimples have any significance beyond aesthetic appeal.

Today, we’ll delve deep into the world of mouth-corner dimples. Whether you’re the proud owner of these dimples, know someone who has them, or are simply curious about this fascinating facial feature, this post promises to unveil the mysteries, the science, and the charm behind these small yet attention-grabbing indents. So, sit back, and let’s embark on this dimpled discovery together!

Mouth Corner Dimples: What Are They?

We’ve all witnessed that extra sparkle a smile can have, courtesy of mouth-corner dimples. But what exactly causes these distinctive marks? Let’s dive in and unravel the allure of these unique facial traits.

Defining Dimples on the Corner of Mouth

A Natural Embellishment of the Face

Those subtle dents on either side of the mouth, often visible only during a full smile, are what we refer to as mouth corner dimples. Not to be confused with cheek dimples, these are located closer to the corners of the lips.

Here are some facts to give you a clearer picture:

  • Presence: Not everyone has them. In fact, they’re quite a rare facial feature.
  • Visibility: Some only appear prominently when laughing or grinning, while others, might be slightly visible even at rest.
  • Uniqueness: Just like fingerprints, no two mouth-corner dimples are the same. Some are more pronounced, while others are faint.

The Science Behind These Facial Indentations

On a more technical note, the formation of these dimples can be attributed to the structure of facial muscles and skin. When certain facial muscles contract and pull the skin inwards, while the overlying skin remains taut, a dimple is born.

To break it down:

  • Muscle Involvement: The ‘zygomaticus major’, a muscle responsible for the upward motion of our lips when we smile, plays a crucial role in the appearance of these dimples.
  • Skin Texture: Not everyone with the same muscle structure will have dimples. The elasticity and composition of the skin also influence their formation.
  • Heredity Factor: Often, the trait can be observed running in families, suggesting a genetic predisposition.

The Different Types of Dimples on Face

While mouth corner dimples are undeniably fascinating, they aren’t the only dimples gracing our faces. The realm of dimples is vast and varied, with each type adding a unique touch to individual expressions. Let’s journey through the diverse world of facial dimples and discover the characteristics that set each one apart.

From Cheek to Chin: A Range of Dimples

Cheek Dimples: The Most Common Type

Ah, the classic cheek dimples! When most people hear the word “dimple”, these are likely the first to come to mind.

Key points about cheek dimples:

  • Location: They’re predominantly found on the cheeks, often becoming pronounced when one smiles.
  • Popularity: From Shirley Temple to Ariana Grande, cheek dimples have long been celebrated in pop culture.
  • Permanence: While some dimples fade over time, especially from childhood to adulthood, cheek dimples tend to remain fairly consistent throughout life.

Dimples Under Lips: Subtle and Enchanting

Less conspicuous than their cheeky counterparts, these dimples are usually located just below the lower lip. They’re like the unsung heroes of the dimple world, often going unnoticed until a particular expression brings them to light.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Occurrence: These can be on one or both sides of the chin.
  • Enhancement: Many people find that certain lip movements, like puckering up for a kiss, can make these dimples more evident.
  • Charm: Their understated nature can add a touch of mystique to one’s appearance.

Reverse Dimples: The Rare Occurrence

Probably the least common of all, reverse dimples are found on the lower cheeks, closer to the jawline. Their name stems from their inverted appearance, where the skin seems to protrude slightly rather than indent.

Spotlight on reverse dimples:

  • Distinctiveness: They offer a unique facial contour, giving an added depth to the lower face.
  • Occurrence: It’s not unusual for someone to have just one reverse dimple.
  • Celebrity Reference: Think of celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, whose reverse dimples become evident during certain expressions.

To sum up, while the spotlight often shines brightest on cheek dimples, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the diverse range of dimples that grace our faces. Each brings its own charm and story, making us all uniquely beautiful in our way.

The Genetics of Mouth Corner Dimples

Ever noticed how certain family traits, like a distinctive nose or those captivating mouth corner dimples, seem to pass down from generation to generation? It’s almost as if they’re nature’s way of drawing a familial connection. Let’s peel back the layers and take a closer look at the genetics behind these captivating dimples.

Are Dimples on Corner of Mouth Hereditary?

Tracing the Family Dimple Line

If you’ve ever attended a big family gathering, you might’ve played the game of spotting similarities among family members. Those with mouth corner dimples could likely find a grandparent, aunt, or cousin with the same trait.

Here’s the deal:

  • Observations: It’s not uncommon for several members of the same family to sport these dimples.
  • Not Always Predictable: While there’s a genetic component, it’s worth noting that two parents with dimples might have a child without them, and vice versa.
  • Other Factors: Genetics is a complex interplay, and sometimes, other genetic factors or mutations can come into play, affecting the presence or absence of these dimples.

Dominant vs. Recessive Dimple Genes

Genetics 101 teaches us about dominant and recessive genes, but how do they relate to our beloved dimples?

Dive into the genetics:

  • Dominant Genes: If dimples were purely a dominant trait, a person would only need one parent with dimples to inherit them.
  • Recessive Genes: If dimples were strictly recessive, both parents would need to carry the dimple gene for their child to potentially exhibit them.
  • The Reality: The genetics of dimples, especially mouth corner dimples, is more intricate. It’s likely that multiple genes are at play, making it challenging to predict their inheritance pattern accurately.

In essence, while there’s a clear genetic link with mouth corner dimples, they remain a delightful mystery in many ways. Some families see them reappear generation after generation, while others might be surprised by their sudden appearance. Regardless of their origin, they continue to be a cherished facial feature for many.

Embracing and Accentuating Your Mouth Corner Dimples

Beauty standards come and go, but individuality is always in vogue. For those graced with mouth corner dimples, it’s not just about embracing this unique feature but also understanding how to make it shine even brighter. With the right makeup techniques, you can turn the spotlight onto those charming dimples and let them take center stage!

Makeup Techniques for Dimples

Highlighting and Contouring for Dimpled Faces

When done correctly, highlighting and contouring can work wonders in accentuating those delightful indentations on your face.

Steps to ace the look:

  1. Clean Base: Start with a flawless foundation base, ensuring an even canvas.
  2. Contour: Use a contour shade slightly darker than your skin tone. Lightly apply it around the dimple area, ensuring it doesn’t cover the dimple itself. This will create a shadow effect, making the dimple pop.
  3. Highlight: Apply a highlighter or a lighter concealer directly on the mouth corner dimple. This will make the dimple stand out, drawing attention to it.
  4. Blend: Ensure there are no harsh lines. Use a beauty blender or brush to seamlessly blend the contour and highlight, maintaining the spotlight on the dimple.

Lipstick Choices for Those with Dimples Under Lips

The right shade of lipstick can make a world of difference, especially for those with dimples just below the lips.

Lipstick tips to consider:

  • Matte Over Glossy: Matte lipsticks, especially in neutral or nude shades, can bring more attention to the area just below the lips, making those dimples more noticeable.
  • Bold Colors: If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a bold red or berry. These shades draw attention to the mouth area, and with the right application, they can subtly showcase those under-lip dimples.
  • Lip Liner: Outline your lips with precision using a lip liner. This not only defines the lips but also creates a boundary, making the dimples under the lips more pronounced.

Pop Culture and Mouth Corner Dimples

Our screens have been graced with numerous celebrities whose smiles, dotted with mouth-corner dimples, have left an indelible mark on pop culture. From silver screens to magazine covers, these dimples have become synonymous with charm, adding

Celebrities with Dimples on Corner of Mouth

Icons Known for Their Unique Facial Features

Several celebrities come to mind when we think of mouth-corner dimples. Their dimples have sometimes become almost as iconic as their talents.

A few notable mentions include:

  • Brad Pitt: One of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs, Brad’s subtle mouth-corner dimples have only added to his classic good looks.
  • Adele: The soulful singer isn’t just known for her powerful voice. When she smiles or sings, her mouth corner dimples become a focal point.
  • John Travolta: Since his “Grease” days, John’s dimples have been a part of his signature look, enhancing his charismatic presence on screen.

Influence of Dimpled Smiles in Film and Music

Mouth corner dimples have had their moments in the limelight, sometimes becoming an integral part of a character or a music video’s aesthetic.

Observations from the entertainment world:

  • Character Appeal: In movies, characters with these dimples are often portrayed as more affable or charming. Their smiles, accented by dimples, often play a part in their on-screen appeal.
  • Music Videos: Artists with these dimples often have close-up shots in their music videos, showcasing their smiles. It adds a layer of personal touch and connection with the audience.
  • Fan Following: Over the years, many fan clubs and online communities have celebrated celebrities with mouth corner dimples, showcasing their pictures, GIFs, and fan art, proving that these tiny indentations do hold a special place in the hearts of many.

In pop culture’s grand tapestry, mouth corner dimples might seem like a minute detail. However, they’ve played a subtle yet significant role in shaping perceptions of beauty, charm, and allure. From iconic film moments to memorable music video shots, these dimples have certainly left their mark!

To Wrap It Up!

Mouth corner dimples, those tiny indentations gracing some of our faces, have journeyed from the realms of genetics to the vibrant world of pop culture. They’ve been a topic of admiration, wonder, and even a bit of envy. Throughout this exploration, one thing becomes clear: these dimples are more than just physical features. They’re emblems of individuality, whispers of familial ties, and sometimes, the unsung heroes behind iconic smiles. Whether you’re blessed with them or simply an admirer, there’s no denying that mouth-corner dimples add a touch of magic to every smile they accompany. Here’s to celebrating the little details that make us uniquely beautiful!


Are mouth corner dimples rare?

Mouth corner dimples, also known as fovea buccalis, are less common than cheek dimples, making them a distinctive facial feature for those who possess them.

Why do I have mouth corner dimples?

Mouth corner dimples result from variations in facial muscles and skin structures. Often hereditary, they can be passed down through family genetics.

Does everyone have dimples at the corner of their mouth?

No, not everyone has mouth corner dimples. Their presence varies among individuals, influenced by genetic factors and unique facial muscle configurations.

What is the rarest type of dimple?

Reverse dimples, located below the mouth corners and opposite cheek dimples, are among the rarest types, giving a distinct appearance to those who have them.