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Floating TV Stands: Design & Accessories

Have you ever walked into a room and been captivated by a TV that seems to float on the wall, without any clutter or bulky furniture in sight? This is the magic of the increasingly popular trend of floating TV sets for the home.

A floating TV may sound intriguing, but you may be wondering what it is and where to find one. You’ve found the proper location, then. The realm of floating TVs is where form and function combine in the most beautiful way, and we’re about to enter there.

From the chic allure of a black floating TV stand to the convenience of a console table under your wall-mounted TV, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. Whether you like a basic and neat style or enjoy adding a bit of sophistication to your home with a floating fireplace, this guide is here to assist you.

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable spot, and let’s dive into the interesting realm of floating TV systems. We’ll talk about various designs, installation tips that can be useful, and even some great décor ideas that will surely impress your loved ones.

Are you prepared? Okay, let’s begin!

Black Floating TV Stand

A black floating TV stand is more than just a piece of furniture – it’s a statement piece that can redefine the look of your living space. Let’s explore the two critical aspects of these elegant pieces: design and installation.

Design and Elegance

It’s important to choose the right color and style for your TV stand, and black adds a certain level of class. Here’s why:

  • Importance of Choosing the Right Color and Style: Just like picking the perfect outfit, selecting a TV stand that matches your room’s aesthetics is crucial. And black, with its timeless appeal, tends to blend seamlessly with various décor themes.
  • The sophistication of Black: Ever noticed how black adds an instant touch of elegance? A black floating TV stand can serve as the perfect focal point in your room, oozing charm and grace.
  • Materials and Finishes: From glossy to matte, wooden to metallic, black floating TV stands come in a plethora of materials and finishes. Each has a different feel, so you can make the look fit your style.
  • Pairing with Other Furniture Pieces: The beauty of black is that it pairs wonderfully with almost anything. Whether you’ve got a modern glass coffee table or a vintage leather sofa, a black floating TV stand will only enhance the overall look.

Installation Tips

But what about getting that beautiful TV stand on the wall? Fear not, as we’re here to guide you through the process. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

  • Mounting a Floating TV Stand: It’s not as scary as it sounds! With the right tools and a bit of patience, you’ll have your TV stand up in no time.
  • Tools Needed: Make sure you’ve got a drill, some screws, a level, and a stud finder handy. A friend’s help might also be valuable here!
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: First, find the studs in your wall using the stud finder. Next, mark the desired height, ensuring it’s level. Drill the holes, attach the brackets, and voilà! Your black floating TV stand is ready to impress.

And there you have it – a chic black floating TV stand that not only looks fantastic but was installed by you! The satisfaction of doing it yourself adds an extra layer of love to your living space.

Floating Fireplace

Imagine curling up on a chilly evening, with your favorite show on the TV, and a gentle fire flickering nearby. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? That’s the allure of a floating fireplace. This modern take on a traditional fireplace can elevate your living room’s ambiance to a whole new level. But how do you integrate it with a black floating TV stand? Let’s delve into the details.

Integrating with Black Floating TV Stand

Marrying the warmth of a floating fireplace with the sleek elegance of a black floating TV stand might seem like a design challenge, but it’s an achievable dream. Here’s how:

  • Combining the Two: Think of your TV and fireplace as a dynamic duo. Whether you place them side by side or one above the other, they can create a harmonious visual experience that’s both cozy and contemporary.
  • Design Compatibility: Finding a design that complements both the fireplace and TV stand is crucial. Consider factors like shape, size, and style to ensure they blend beautifully.
  • Safety Considerations: Safety is paramount. Make sure there’s enough distance between the fireplace and TV, and that all safety regulations are adhered to. Consulting with a professional installer might be a wise move here.
  • Space Planning: Your living room layout plays a significant role in the integration process. Analyzing the available space, traffic flow, and seating arrangements will help you find the perfect spot for both the TV and fireplace.

The thought of watching your favorite films with the gentle crackle of a fire in the background is enough to make anyone’s heart flutter. With careful planning, attention to design, and a keen eye for safety, a floating fireplace can be the perfect partner to your black floating TV stand.

Now, who’s ready for a movie night?

Console Table Under Wall Mounted TV

A console table under a wall-mounted TV is like the perfect supporting actor in a blockbuster movie – not always the center of attention but invaluable to the overall experience. It’s not just about how it looks; it’s also about how it works, how it uses space, and the little details that make your living room your own. Let’s look at how a side table can make watching TV more enjoyable.

Advantages and Style Options

A console table isn’t merely a place to stash your remote controls. It’s a multifunctional piece that adds both style and practicality. Here’s why:

  • The functionality of a Console Table: Need a spot for your DVD player, gaming console, or decorative vase? A console table has got you covered. It’s the unsung hero that keeps things organized while looking fabulous.
  • Space Utilization: If you’re dealing with limited space, a console table can be a game-changer. By providing storage and display options underneath your TV, it turns otherwise wasted space into something practical and pretty.
  • Decorative Possibilities: From family photos to your favorite trinkets, a console table lets you add those personal touches that make a house a home. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your interior design flair.
  • Matching with a Black Floating TV Stand: If you’ve fallen in love with a black floating TV stand, a console table can be its perfect companion. Whether you choose a pattern that is all black or one that is a different color, the two can look good together.

A console table under your wall-mounted TV is like adding the perfect accessory to an already stunning outfit. It completes the look, adds functionality, and provides a canvas for your personal style.

So next time you find yourself admiring that uncluttered space under your TV, think about how a console table could make it even better. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, there’s a console table waiting to make your living room even more special.

Entertainment Center with Fireplace and Bookshelves

Imagine a living room where your favorite books, family photographs, a cozy fireplace, and your stunning flat-screen TV all find a home in one beautiful entertainment center. Sounds too good to be true? Well, an entertainment center with a fireplace and bookshelves offers just that. It’s an all-in-one answer that turns your living room into a personal sanctuary where style and comfort meet.

Complete Living Room Solutions

An entertainment center with an integrated fireplace and bookshelves isn’t just about convenience; it’s about creating a cohesive and inviting environment. Let’s explore how:

  • Exploring an Entertainment Center with Extras: It’s more than a TV stand. It’s a library, a fireplace, and a showcase, all wrapped in one elegant package. This multipurpose marvel can be the centerpiece of your living room, offering both functionality and charm.
  • Integration with Floating TV: If you thought a floating TV was cool, wait till you see it perched above a roaring fireplace, surrounded by your favorite reads. It’s a visual treat that turns an ordinary TV-watching experience into something extraordinary.
  • Storage Solutions: From DVDs to novels, decorative items to photo frames, the bookshelves in your entertainment center provide ample space to store and display what you love. No more clutter, just a clean and organized look.
  • Coordinating Design and Décor: With myriad design options, you can tailor the entertainment center to match your existing décor or create a whole new theme. Want to match it with your black floating TV stand? You can! Prefer a rustic vibe? That’s possible too. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

An entertainment center with a fireplace and bookshelves is like having a little piece of paradise right in your living room. It’s where technology meets tradition, where warmth meets elegance, and where your favorite things find a place to shine.

So why settle for ordinary when you can have it all? Whether it’s family movie night or a quiet evening with a good book by the fire, this entertainment center has got everything you need, right where you need it.

Slim TV Console, TV Stand with Bookshelf, Modern TV Lift Cabinet

In the ever-changing world of interior design, flexibility is key. Whether you’re working with a minimalist space, looking for added storage, or seeking innovative solutions wow, there’s a TV console to fit your needs. Let’s delve into three different yet equally fabulous options: a slim TV console, a TV stand with a bookshelf, and a modern TV lift cabinet.

Every home is unique, and so are the needs of the homeowners. Here’s how these three options cater to different tastes and spaces:

Slim TV Console for Minimalistic Designs

If you’re a fan of the “less is more” philosophy, a slim TV console might be your perfect match. Sleek and unobtrusive, it adds functionality without overwhelming the space. Ideal for small apartments or for those who adore a clean, minimalist look.

TV Stand with Bookshelf for Additional Storage

Need a place for your growing book collection or cherished keepsakes? A TV stand with an integrated bookshelf is a practical and beautiful solution. It’s the ideal piece for folks who like to have their media and their belongings in close proximity to one another.

Modern TV Lift Cabinet for Innovative and Space-Saving Solutions

For the tech-savvy and design-conscious, a modern TV lift cabinet is a futuristic solution that adds a dash of magic to your living room. With a touch of a button, your TV can disappear into a chic cabinet, freeing up space and keeping your room looking sleek and uncluttered.

Different preferences, demands, and space sizes can be accommodated by the various possibilities. They are united, though, by a dedication to cutting-edge style and practical design.

So whether you’re a minimalist dreaming of simplicity, a bibliophile needing more shelves, or an innovator looking for the latest in design, these TV console options have got something to make your living room not just a place to watch TV, but a place to live, love, and express who you are.

Blush Wall Décor

Soft, elegant, and undeniably chic, blush wall décor is capturing hearts and homes with its timeless charm. But how do you incorporate this delicate color with a cutting-edge floating TV setup? Maintaining equilibrium requires coordination and a little bit of imagination. Here’s how to give your home that desirable look and feel by incorporating these two elements.

Complementing the Floating TV

Modernity, design, and technological prowess all come together in your TV’s ability to float. Imagine it with blush wall decor, which conveys comfort, calm, and elegance. How this wonderful combination can complement one another is as follows:

  • Incorporating Blush Wall Décor with Floating TV Setups: From blush-hued frames to soft-colored wall art, there are countless ways to blend this gentle color into your TV area. Consider a blush-colored accent wall behind the TV or delicate blush accessories on nearby shelves.
  • Color Coordination: Blush is versatile and plays well with other colors. Whether your floating TV stand is classic black, gleaming white, or rich wood, blush can harmonize effortlessly. Combine it with neutral tones for a serene look or with bold hues for a vibrant contrast.
  • Style Tips: Blush isn’t just a color; it’s a style statement. Think about textures and materials. Blush velvet cushions, silk curtains, or ceramic vases can add layers of richness to the décor, creating a visual feast around your TV.

Ambiance Enhancement: The right blush wall décor can transform your room into a soothing haven. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an atmosphere where relaxation reigns supreme. The soft blush hues complement the high-tech appeal of the floating TV, grounding it in comfort and elegance.

The marriage of blush wall décor with a floating TV is like a symphony where classical meets contemporary. It’s a blend that can make your living room not just a place to watch shows but a place to unwind, entertain, and revel in beauty.

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or simply someone who appreciates the subtlety of design, blush wall décor could be the finishing touch your floating TV setup has been waiting for.

Entertainment Center with Doors to Hide TV, Outdoor TV Console

There are times when your TV should be the center of attention and times when it should take a back seat to conversation, art, or the beauty of the outdoors. That’s where an entertainment center with doors to hide the TV and an outdoor TV console come into play. Let’s explore these versatile and distinctive options that offer both aesthetics and practicality.

From hidden televisions to alfresco entertainment, here’s how these unique solutions can enhance your living space:

Entertainment Center Designs to Hide the TV

An entertainment center with doors offers the best of both worlds. When it’s time for your favorite show, the doors open to reveal your TV. When it’s time for family or social gatherings, the doors close, and your TV blends seamlessly with your décor. It’s a stylish option for those who love entertainment but also appreciate an uncluttered and elegant living space.

Outdoor TV Console Considerations

Taking your entertainment outdoors? If you want to watch TV or a sporting event outside, by the pool or on the patio, then you need an outdoor TV console. It’s important to think about how the console will fit in with your outdoor furniture and how well it will withstand the elements when shopping for an outdoor one.

Seasonal Protection and Design Flexibility

Whether hiding your TV indoors or setting it up outside, protection is key. For the hidden TV, consider doors that provide adequate ventilation and remote signal access. For the outdoor TV console, think about weatherproof materials and covers that provide seasonal protection. Design flexibility is also crucial. Look for options that allow you to change things up with the seasons or as your tastes evolve.

In a world where televisions are ubiquitous, these choices allow you to determine when and how TV interacts with your daily life at home. An entertainment center with doors to hide the TV offers sophistication and subtlety, while an outdoor TV console expands your entertainment possibilities to the great outdoors.

Together, they stand for a cutting-edge way of life in which entertainment is accessible without being invasive, technology is used to enhance one’s way of life, and aesthetics are not at odds with practicality.

To Wrap It Up

As we’ve looked into moving TV systems, we’ve found a world full of creativity, usefulness, and style. From the chic allure of a black floating TV stand to the innovative appeal of modern TV lift cabinets, and from indoor sophistication to outdoor entertainment, the options are as diverse as they are inspiring. The world of floating TVs encourages you to explore your aesthetic preferences, whether they lean toward minimalism, opulence, or a happy medium. Jump in and make your home show your personal style.


Are floating TV stands safe?

Yes, floating TV stands are safe when installed properly, following manufacturer guidelines, and using the appropriate hardware.

What are the benefits of a floating TV stand?

Floating TV stands save room, look modern and can be placed in different ways to create a clean, uncluttered look.

How do you hang a floating TV stand?

Hanging a floating TV stand requires proper wall anchoring, using the correct brackets, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and possibly professional assistance.

What is a floating TV?

A floating TV refers to a wall-mounted television, creating the illusion of “floating” on the wall, often paired with a sleek and minimalistic stand or console.