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Why Men Can’t Stop Thinking About The Roman Empire: The TikTok Trend Unraveled

Remember the Roman Empire? That ancient civilization with fancy togas, gladiator games, and a penchant for conquering? Well, it seems like men haven’t forgotten. Thanks to TikTok, we now know that many men are daydreaming about the Roman Empire, probably more than they think about taking out the trash. Let’s dive into this hilarious and slightly baffling trend.

TikTok’s Latest Obsession

Ladies have been popping the question on TikTok, but it’s not the one you’re thinking of. They’ve been asking the men in their lives, “How often do you think about the Roman Empire?” And the answers? From “daily” to “every time I eat a salad (Caesar, of course),” men are revealing their secret crush on ancient Rome.

Why the Sudden Roman Holiday in Their Heads?

Is it the grandeur of the Colosseum? The allure of speaking Latin? Or perhaps the undeniable swagger of a well-draped toga? Some men wax poetic about aqueducts and concrete (yes, concrete), while others just think Rome is “cool.” And honestly, who can blame them? Those Romans knew how to throw a party (just ask Julius Caesar… oh, wait).

Celebs Join the Chariot

Even celebrities are hopping on the Roman bandwagon. Billy Ray Cyrus, for instance, apparently thinks about gladiators 15 to 20 times a day. But there’s a twist! Some men, when asked about the Roman Empire, immediately thought of Nicki Minaj. Maybe they were confusing the Colosseum with the concert stage?

The Gladiator Behind the Trend

The man who threw the first Roman stone? Artur Hulu, aka “Gaius Flavius” on social media. This Roman reenactor started the trend, and now, thanks to him, we know that men’s minds are often in Rome, even if their bodies are on the couch.

A History Lesson with a Side of Laughter

While the trend is all in good fun, it’s also a reminder that the Roman Empire was diverse and complex. Sure, there were gladiators and emperors, but there were also powerful women, diverse gender expressions, and, let’s not forget, some killer fashion statements.


So, the next time a man in your life seems lost in thought, don’t assume he’s pondering life’s big questions. He might just be wondering how to build an aqueduct in the backyard. Thanks, TikTok, for this hilarious glimpse into the male psyche and their Roman rendezvous.